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Fazenda CAMOCIM, Brasil - Yellow Bourbon, Honey

Fazenda CAMOCIM, Brasil - Yellow Bourbon, Honey

Smooth and sweet in aroma and cup: Notes of key lime, toffee and fresh earthy loam


Biodynamic coffee is considered the most sustainable coffee crop on the planet.  It goes beyong organic.  The result of this practice is a coffee with pure and intense flavor. 


Fazenda Camocim


Fazenda Camocim became a reference in the agricultural plantation of conservation and use of the soil. It mixes the planting of coffee with other cultures, using the same space and creating conditions for the preservation of the environment: it combines coffee, palm heart, fruits, herbs. It is a technique where different species are planted, next to each other, providing reciprocal advantages to each other in the same agricultural area as for example pest reduction.

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    Farm: Camocim
    Location: Domingos Martins, Espirito Santo, Brazil
    Varieties: Yellow Bourbon
    Processing: Semi Washed
    Growing altitude: 1250-1300 masl


    IBD - organic management.
    BSCA - quality and sustainability.
    Demeter - biodynamic management.

  • Roasting & Delivery

    All coffee purchases are roasted to order. 

    -Free local delivery on Saturdays

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Camocim Yellow
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