• Muiri Estate Kenya - Organic Microlot


    Cupping Notes: Sweetly floral, black tea, dried date, dark chocolate. Caramel.


    • Farm: Muiri Estate
    • Comunity: Kiambu County, Kenya
    • Certifications: Ecocert Organic
    • Processing: Fully washed and dried in raised beds
    • Terroir: Altitud 1550 meters (5000 ft) / Volcanic loam / SL28, SL34, K7, and Ruiru 11
    • About Origin

      Kenya Muiri Estate

      Kenya Organic Kiambu Muiri Estate is sourced from the Muiri Estate located in Kiambu County, Kenya. Muiri Estate has over 443 acres of land with 216 in use for coffee cultivation intercropped with over 200 species of trees totaling more than 90,000, which includes grevillea and eucalyptus trees. Additional land has been set aside and shared with 1,000 local families to cultivate beans. 

    • Roasting & Delivery

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