México Nayarit Presidio - Natural

México Nayarit Presidio - Natural

smooth and sweet with notes of Chocolate, Walnut and Caramel


Presidio De Los Reyes

Presidio de los Reyes is an indigenous community located about an hour and a half drive north of Tepic, Mexico. The town is 96% indigenous Cora, making town residents among the 20,000 people in the world known to still use the Cora language. According to myth, the name Presidio de los Reyes (Spanish for “Jail of Kings”) comes from a deep mountain well where a colonial viceroy was once imprisoned for poor leadership and a disregard for his own rules. 

Residents typically converse in their native tongue, only using Spanish when necessary to speak with outsiders. As natives to the area to this day, they still carry many traditions from the past. In fact, the state Nayarit took its name from Nayarit, the Cora god of war. 

While all of the farmers live in the town of Presidio de los Reyes, their farms are set far back in the mountains and are only accessible by a four-hour mule ride. During the harvest, farmers leave their spouses and children in town for weeks at a time to tend the land and harvest, process and transport their coffee. The rugged and vast terrain used by Cerro de los Cuernos (CUERNO) society makes for a challenging milling operation.

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    Grower/Producer: Cerro Los Cuernos Society, Grupo Terruño Nayarita
    Region: Presidio de los Reyes, Nayarit, México
    Varieties: Catuai, Criollo, Caturra
    Processing: Natural
    Growing altitude: 793 m (2,601 ft)
    Certifications: Mayacert Organic, Cafes Sustentables de México

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