Our Story


about us   


Origen Coffee Roasters is based on the premise that coffee quality is best represented by estate coffees, farms and cooperatives who are deeply committed to coffee quality and best sustainability practices. 


We strongly believe this is the foundation for great coffee! And here is where we stand:  We source outstanding coffees at origin and it is up to us to reveal the unique character of each varietal.  


Our coffee journey begun in 2009 when founder, Ruben Enriquez, a coffee enthusiast, decided to share his passion for specialty coffee to the world.  In 2014 Ruben launches Origen Coffee Roasters out of a roasting shop in Vista, California.  


Today Origen Coffee is positioned as one of the best alternatives for high-quality specialty coffee. Our coffees are featured at local farmers markets, at several specialty coffee shops, homes and offices across San Diego, and across the nation.  


We invite you to discover the unique character of our coffees, to savor and explore each sip as you go through your daily coffee ritual, and by doing so we invite you to honor our great farmers at origin.


Thank you for looking at us!


Perla & Ruben

Origen Coffee Roasters